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about us
Matthew Meyer founded VituMob. He is a teacher, attorney and former diplomat embedded with the US Army in Mosul, Iraq. He is fluent in Kiswahili. He started Ecosandals, bringing innovative sandal tech from Eastlands Nairobi to customers in 17 countries. He has spent his life committed to equality under the law and innovation for all.
Mary Njonge is the Client Service Manager at VituMob. She is passionate about fashion, business management and leadership. Experienced in marketing management and sales support, her primary work at VituMob is designing and implementing an excellent customer experience.
Erick Coursey heads the US Shipping and Export Team at VituMob. Erick is excited to be part of the VituMob global team. He is experienced in LEED certified construction and the operation of construction machinery. He also has served at the Delaware Department of Transportation and the Challenge Program of Wilmington.
Leah Kirugumi is VituMob's Head of Sales. Leah has a decade of experience in brand marketing and sales as well as in business marketing. She studied a bachelor of commerce at Kenyatta University and has both a certificate and diploma in sales and marketing.
Andrew Ruturi is COO at Vitumob. Andrew brings experience from government and the Kenyan banking sector to VituMob. He is a proud husband and father and can be found in his natural habitat with a camera in tow listening to hip­hop.
Felistus Limo is a Customer Advocate at VituMob. Driven with a keen eye for detail, she loves solving problems and improving the customer experience. Striving to perfect the VituMob app keeps her engaged and excited. Felistus studied at the University of Eldoret and Kapsabet Girls.
Elphine Kwamboka is VituMob's Customer Advocate. She has over a decade experience in footwear design and production, as well as customer relations in 17 countries with She has served in various sales and customer relations roles in Amman, Jordan. Elphine most enjoys being Mama Jeff.
Douglas Ondieki leads the software development team at VituMob. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, Egerton University and Maseno School. He spends most of his time studying in preparation for the fantasy football season. His best finish ever was 6th place in a 12 team league.
Mark Muiruri is a Customer Advocate at VituMob. Mark is passionate about advancement through online education, innovating at VituMob and joining university. Mark recently completed his high school studies at Nyahururu Elite School and has studied at leading American and British universities on Coursera.
Dr. Cappy Collins is the Lead Designer at VituMob. Cappy has 20 years of digital design experience, working with leading clients including Scholastic, PBS and Ecosandals. Cappy is a pediatrician and professor of public health. He founded the award-winning Cyclopedia, enabling literacy, health & cycling for all.
Edwiq Luvaluli is a Customer Advocate at VituMob. She has been involved in leadership, administrative and accounting roles for Vihiga County and Girl Guides, among others. She interacts with clients to insure you are able to get everything everyday. Edwiq holds a degree from the University of Nairobi and also studied at Kabsabet Girls High School.
Haneef Salaam heads the US Export Team at VituMob. He is a native Delawarean engaged in empowering communities and helping individuals released from prison to become positive and productive community members. He is the owner and CEO of Building Success, LLC, a small business that consults to and plans programs for non-profits.
Ben Hilleli is a coding stud.
James Phimister is on the board of VituMob. He has spent his career helping online companies grow, initially as a consultant at McKinsey. He has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Penn and is a good guy and a fair Risk player.
Geoffrey heads VituMob's environmental delivery division. He delivers products to your door, in Nairobi, by boda, without using a single drop of petrol.

Frequently Asked Questions

The mission of VituMob is to utilize technology, transparency and innovation to increase East Africa's inclusion in the global marketplace. Utilizing the latest technological and financial methods, VituMob delivers products customers want efficiently, wherever customers want them. VituMob adds value as a pioneer in efficient, reliable, over-the-table service provision with an unrivaled customer experience.

* Integrity
* Honesty
* Abiding by law, in letter and spirit
* Customer responsiveness
* Customer experience
* Data-driven decision-making
* Excellence

What is VituMob?
(470) 788-2658
I am shopping on and click Checkout. What do I do next?
Are there any additional customs or delivery charges when I receive my order?
VituMob does not download. Why not?
I really want to buy from a website but VituMob does not sell from that website. Is there anything I can do?
How do you deliver using only our neighbourhood?
How much does delivery cost?
Where does VituMob deliver?
Is my credit card information secure?
What happens if I am not satisfied with the product I receive?
That cool music from your video, where did you get that?

What is VituMob?

VituMob enables Kenyans to shop online at over twenty leading ecommerce websites from around the world using M-Pesa or a credit card. And VituMob delivers to your doorstep.

How do I get started?

The process is simple. First, click the download button at to install an extension for your web browser. The process should take only a few seconds, and you will know that your download has succeeded when the VituMob button appears at the upper right corner of your browser window.

I have downloaded the VituMob software. How do I buy?

You can see the steps to buy 7037642105 or just follow these simple steps:
  1. Click on any of the VituMob supported websites (,, etc.)
  2. Choose the products you would like to purchase and add them to your shopping cart.
  3. When you are ready to Checkout, click on the VituMob button on your browser.
  4. View your shopping cart and complete your purchase.

I am shopping on and click Checkout. What do I do next?

There is no need to click the Checkout button on any website. Once you have loaded your shopping cart, please click the VituMob button on your web browser instead.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery generally takes three to four weeks. Certain products may take four or six weeks to source from our partner retailers. If the retailer is unable to deliver the product for over one month, it will take us a little longer to deliver to you. You will receive an email message with a link to check the status of your order.

How do I pay?

VituMob accepts MPesa, PayPal and all major credit cards. If you would like to buy using another form of payment, please contact us at

What happens if I do not receive what I ordered?

VituMob will deliver to you the exact product you ordered. If unable to do so, VituMob will refund your payment in full. For additional information, please see the VituMob Returns Policy.

Are there any additional customs or delivery charges when I receive my order?

No. Your order is paid in full.

VituMob does not download. Why not?

Please email any technical problems to You must be using Firefox, Chrome or Safari web browser to use VituMob. VituMob does not run on Internet Explorer. VituMob mobile is currently under development.

I really want to buy from a website but VituMob does not sell from that website. Is there anything I can do?

Yes! Please suggest additional sites by emailing We want to hear from you.

How do you deliver using only our neighbourhood?

We deliver VituMob orders to customers who completed their orders on We will use your telephone number and your neighbourhood to verify the specific delivery location and time. VituMob takes security precautions to prevent fraud. We appreciate your understanding in cooperating with such security precautions.

How much does delivery cost?

Our delivery services are free of charge within Nairobi.

Where does VituMob deliver?

We deliver free of charge within Nairobi. We would be happy to deliver your order outside of Nairobi, throughout East Africa. If you are interested in this service, please email

Is my credit card information secure?

VituMob employs a secured socket layer encrypted connection to manage all transmissions between VituMob and you, the customer. Further, your credit card purchase is transacted directly with our secured credit card processor. VituMob actually never sees, stores or holds in any way your credit card information. We have provided extensive cyber security protocols to protect VituMob and protect you.

Should I tip my VituMob delivery person?

Tipping is not expected but always appreciated.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the product I receive?

Please make sure the product you want is the exact product that you order from VituMob. VituMob will deliver to you the exact product you ordered. If unable to do so, VituMob will refund your payment in full. For additional information, please see the VituMob Returns Policy.

That cool music from your video, where did you get that?

SlumSanaa is a Mathare-based group of musicians who work with their local community to address the most serious problems they face. Our video samples from their song Change We Need. You should support them. Please visit their Facebook page.

(903) 339-6320

Watch the How-To Video

about us
Vitumob Testimonials
Mike Ikonya, Westlands
What I like best is that you are accountable and reliable. If I order an item, it's delivered end of story. You buy it on Amazon. It's delivered to your doorstep.
Jeanne Gow, Lavington
Sheikha Zubedi, Mombasa
I was so happy with my delivery, I received my items even before the expected date. The response from the management was amazing and they provided me with any information I needed promptly. Keep up the good work VituMob.
Roza Kamau, Hurlingham
What I like BEST about working with you is the flexibility you give your clients. You have allowed me severally to place orders in places that are not yet on VituMob, and I love this! I also like the prompt response to calls and emails. It's very reassuring. Take the leap and place a first order! After that you will need therapy to stop shopping.
Oshin Yassin, Kilimani
I received my package yesterday. Thank you for the speedy and professional service. Love it!
Joe Odero, Eldoret
I love the service very much. This is the kind of service I have been looking for ages. Goods are well taken care of and customer service is on point. Keep it up!
Festus Kigen, Bungoma
I am satisfied.
Rizwan Thaim, Kasarani
Trish Kinoti, Lavington
VituMob hasn't failed me yet! Professionalism, excellent customer service, etc. is so appreciated.
Richard Matikanya, Kilimani
Delivered as expected and on time
Saafia Jiwa, Nairobi
Your services are efficient and quick, and your costs for delivery/handling are affordable.
Nasongo Namasaka, Ngumo
I really like how easy it was to get help from the customer service as well as how they handled me. Thank you so much.
John Mwangi, South B
Edwin Githua, Komarock
Nowadays service with a smile will get you everywhere. Unfortunately it is forgotten. Thank you for getting my stuff way before my expected delivery date...I rate you a 10!
Sigrid Mboya, Adams
Thank you VituMob! It was a very stress free way to get my things shipped from the States to Kenya.
Neville Goez, Westlands
All items were exactly what I was looking for, and I was more than happy to have received them safely in my hands. The music accessories are things not available out here. Some places sell, but I am very specific with what I want, eg. - Guitar straps: These are available in some music shops in Nairobi but I wanted 3-inch broad. These are easy on the shoulders when playing gigs for long periods of time. Plus they're unique...The specific DVDs I have tried looking around for years, with no luck. Only some friends who purchased while travelling abroad and won't lend their originals. Now I have my own. I sincerely look forward to doing more business with you. Keep up the good work and the offers you have brought to our doorsteps all the way from USA.
Samuel Mulinge, Pangani
You did really well. I am quite impressed. It came in way before the agreed time. It was in good condition. Keep it up. More orders coming.
Peter Musonye, Kileleshwa
Got my product on time in the exact condition Amazon had specified. Just lovely, really.
Anthony Maseki, Buru Buru
My stuff delivered one week before time indicated straight to my door. I have no words. Awesome job you guys.
Dan Bett, Eldoret
You are just fantastic. You are worth the name, VituMob. Thank you so much.
Ndousch Ndungu, Westlands
Just as advertised and on time. I had my doubts but I have now realized they are the real deal. Will do more business in the future.
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